[PDF] Essay Writing Topics about THE COW

Essay Writing Topics about THE COW


The cow has been one of the important domestic animals and a Useful friend since ancient times. She gives us milk, and her calf, when grows up to be an ox, helps in our agricultural work. Cow-dung is used as manure and fuel. Its milk is very useful for us. We obtain butter, ghee, curds, cheese, etc. from milk. A cow is regarded as ‘mother’ and worshiped by the Hindus.

The cow is a very gentle animal. She is kept as a domestic animal. She is regarded as one of the family members. In ancient India, the number of cows showed a man’s wealth. The cow has a strong and heavy body with four legs. The body is covered with short hair. She has a pair of horns and a long tail. Her eyes are big and beautiful. The feet are hoofed and the hoofs are split in the middle.

Cow-milk is very nutritious and easily digestible. It is very good for people, especially for children, sick people and expectant mothers. This milk can be consumed in many forms. It is also available in powdered and condensed forms.

Cows have different colours. They are found everywhere in the world. Their young ones are called calves. The male of a cow is called a bull or an ox. They are used in drawing carts, water from wells, ploughing of fields, etc. Cow is a holy animal for Hindus. Cow is very useful for us in many ways, so we should treat it kindly and look after it.