[PDF Notes] Expedition of Ala-ud-Din Khilji towards Dwarsamudra, Pandya Kingdom and Devagiri

The next expedition was against Vira Ballala III, the Hoysala ruler. The latter was taken by surprise and defeated. His capital, Dwarsamudra, was captured.

Malik Kafur plundered the rich temples of the town and got a lot of gold, silver, jewels and pearls. He sent to Delhi all the captured property and also the Hoysala Prince. The prince came back to Dwarsamudra in May, 1313 but the Hoysalas became the vassals of Delhi.

Pandya Kingdom :

From Dwarsamudra, Kafur Marched against the Pandya kingdom. At that time, there was going on a dispute for succession to the throne between two brothers, Sundara Pandya and Vira Pandya. Sundara was defeated by Vira Pandya.

The former went to Delhi and asked for the help of Ala-ud-Din. That was exactly the thing that Ala-ud-Din would like to have. No wonder, Malik Kafur reached Madura which was abandoned by Vira Pandya.

Malik Kafur plundered Madura and destroyed its temples. He then reached Rameshwaram on the island of Pamban. At Rameshwaram, he destroyed the great temple and built a mosque and named it after his master, Ala-ud-Din.’

He came back to Delhi in 1311 with rich spoils “which included 312 elephants, 20,000 horses, 2,750 pounds of gold, equal in value to ten crores of Tankas and chests of jewels. No such booty had ever before been brought to Delhi.”

The result of this expedition was that the Pandya kingdom became a dependency of the Delhi Sultanate and continued to be so till the early part of reign of Muhammad Tughlak.


The last Deccan campaign of Malik Kafur was against Shankar Deva who withheld the tribute promised by his father and tried to regain his independence.

Malik Kafur marched against Devagiri and inflicted a crushing defeat on Shankar Deva. The latter was killed Most of the towns of his kingdom were captured and looted. It was in this way that the whole of Southern India was made to acknowledge the sway of Ala-ud-Din.

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