[PDF Notes] Get complete information on Shakespeare’s symbolism

The last creations of Shakespeare, more specially The Tempest, are rich in Symbolism. Perdita and Miranda symbolize the fertility and continuity of Nature.

The luxuriance of Nature described so vividly and beautifully, stands for the beneficent powers of Destiny. Cali ban is of the earth earthly. He stands for sensuality, grossness and means; he is evil personified. Aerial, on the other hand is refined spirit of the air, ethereal and pure.

He stands for the spirit of freedom. Cali ban also represents the eternal slave as well as the dispossessed native, and according to this view Prospero becomes a colonizer. He has been called the symbol of Destiny, the personification of Wisdom, and the Eternal teacher. He also represents an inspired artist; who is ever absorbed in the pursuit of his art to the neglect of his social duties, and so is rejected by society.

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