[PDF Notes] Get complete information on The Rhythms of Poetry

The basis of poetic rhythm is in the repetition accented syllables. These syllables are followed by unaccented ones in an ordered fashion to create the tempo of the lines. For the sake of identification, a line of poetry has been arbitrarily said to consist of a number of feet.

1. The iambus:

The iambic foot contains an unaccented first syllable and an accented second syllable.

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2. The trochee:

The trochaic foot contains an accented first syllable and an unaccented second syllable.

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3. The dactyl

The dactylic foot begins with an accented syllable which is followed by two unaccented syllables.

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4. The anapest:

The anapestic foot begins with two unaccented syllables which are followed by the accented syllable.

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