[PDF Notes] Get complete information on Wheat Cultivation

India is the fourth largest producer in the world after Russia, U.S.A. and China. After rice, wheat is the most important food crop of India,

(a) Method of Cultivation:

Sowing is done after the rains when the soil is moist. The fields are ploughed and the seeds are sown by broadcasting, dibbling and drilling. Harvesting is done before it becomes too hot. It is done by using a sickle. Recently machines are being used in Punjab and U.P.

The climatic requirements for its growth are as follows:

(i) Temperature : 10°C – 20°C in early period and 26°C – 28°C at the time of ripening.

(ii) Rainfall: rainfall required for it is about 50 cms-100 cms mainly in winters.

(iii) Soil: soil required is mainly clayey or any soil such as black and alluvial soils.

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