[PDF Notes] How Parent and Teacher Association Help the Teacher and Parents?

A parent -teacher association helps teachers and parents in many ways. Some of these include:

(i) The relationship between parents and teachers will improve if both of them try to know each-other.

(ii) Parents and teachers try to give respect to each other and have trust in one -another.

(iii) Instead of blaming each-other, both should have positive outlook.

(iv) PTA solves the problem of student indiscipline.

(v) Parents conic to know the habits, hidden talents and progress of their children.

(vi) It improves school performance.

(vii) It helps in reducing wastage and stagnation.

(viii) Both realise the responsibility towards the children.

(ix) It helps in developing personality of children.

(x)It proves that school is a miniature form of the society.

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