[Updated] Learn Civics Class Notes of All Topics Pdf Download

Civics Class Notes

  1. About Our Criminal Justice System
  2. Democracy
  3. Development of Panchayati Raj
  4. Enactment of the Indian Constitution
  5. Equality in Indian Democracy
  6. Houses of Parliament
  7. Introduction of the Judiciary – Explanation and FAQs
  8. Key Elements of a Democratic Government
  9. Meaning of Government
  10. Now Your Public Facilities
  11. Right to Privacy – Historical Background, Elements and Restrictions
  12. Right to Vote – Importance, Examples and FAQs
  13. Rights and Fundamental Rights
  14. Rural Administration in India – Meaning, Role of Police, Patwari and Tehsildar
  15. Rural Livelihoods in India
  16. Social Stratification – Theories, Characteristics and Consequences
  17. The Constitution of India
  18. The Need For a Parliament
  19. The Political Executive
  20. The Union Parliament
  21. Understanding Laws of India
  22. Understanding Marginalisation
  23. Understanding Secularism
  24. United Nations Organisation – Principles and Achievements
  25. Universal Declaration of Human Rights – History and Articles
  26. Urban Administration in India
  27. Urban Livelihoods in India
  28. What Do You Mean By Diversity
  29. What is Diversity?
  30. What is Media?

Civics Class Notes pdf download online exam test

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