Magnetism and Electromagnetism Online Test – Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

1. A Hall effect sensor


2. The energy resides in a current carrying conductor in the form of


3. What is the reluctance of a material that has a length of 0.045 m, a cross-sectional area of 0.015 m2 , and a permeability of 2500 µWb/At·m?


4. What is the magnetomotive force in a 150-turn coil of wire with 2 A flowing through it?


5. The motional e.m.f. induced in a coil is independent of


6. How much flux is there in a magnetic field when its flux density is 5000 mu.gifT and its cross-sectional area is 300 mm²?


7. Permeability is the inverse equivalent of which electrical term?


8. If positively charged particles enter with high velocity from the sky towards the earth, then the earths magnetic field will deflect them towards


9. The direction of induced current is given by?


10. The unit of flux density is known as


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