250+ TOP MCQs on Highway Engineering and Answers

Basic Civil Engineering Multiple Choice Questions on “Highway Engineering”.

1. The administration of highway projects depends on __________ factors.
a) 2
b) 5
c) 3
d) 6
Answer: c
Clarification: For each country, the administration of highway projects is different. But there are three factors common to all countries – social, political and economic.

2. In car – centred approach, ___________ has been considered.
a) Importance of transport
b) Managing existing roads for future traffic
c) Controlling demand for transportation
d) Future increase in traffic demand
Answer: d
Clarification: There are four strategies for highway planning. In car-centred approach, the considerations for future increase in traffic demand are taken care of. They are used in most large cities.

3. Travel patterns are determined by compiling a profile of ___________ and ___________ of all journeys made within the area.
a) Origin, destination
b) Mode, destination
c) Origin, speed
d) Mode, speed
Answer: a
Clarification: The origin and destination points are considered for travel patterns. It gives details about the place and exact pattern in which people move from place to place.

4. Which of the below is a commercial element in highway construction?
a) Traffic
b) Installation technique
c) Environmental aspects
d) Material
Answer: c
Clarification: There are two elements in highway construction – technical and commercial. Technical elements include materials, their quality, traffic, installation techniques whereas commercial elements include environmental aspects, public concerns, legal aspects, political aspects, etc.

5. In India roads are classified into ________ based on location.
a) 6
b) 3
c) 4
d) 5
Answer: d
Clarification: They are national highways (NH), state highways (SH), major district road (MDRs), other district road (ODRs) and village road (VRs).

6. The longest international highway is:
a) Pan-American highway
b) Trans-Canada highway
c) Karakoram highway
d) Australia highway 1
Answer: a
Clarification: Pan-American highway is nearly 25,000 kms long. It connects many countries in America. Trans-Canada is longest national highway. Karakoram is the highest international highway. Longest national highway circuit is Australia’s highway 1.

7. ___________ can provide a 3-5 dB reduction in tyre-pavement noise emissions.
a) Asphalt
b) Bituminous
c) Rubberised asphalt
d) Concrete
Answer: c
Clarification: Compared to other options, rubberised asphalt give a 3-5 dB reduction in the noise produced by tyre-pavement interaction.

8. How many types of pavement surfaces are there?
a) 4
b) 5
c) 6
d) 2
Answer: d
Clarification: The 2 types are Portland cement concrete (PCC) and hot-mix asphalt (HMA). Weathering courses, base course is laid below these.

9. The design consideration of highways doesn’t include:
a) Settlement
b) Cross section
c) Level of service
d) Sight distance
Answer: a
Clarification: To design foundation, settlement is an important parameter. For designing highways: the number of lanes, cross section, level of service, sight distance, alignment, lane width and so on are important considerations.

10. A prime coat is low viscosity asphalt emulsion used to create bond between existing pavement and new asphalt overlay.
a) True
b) False
Answer: b
Clarification: A tack coat is used to bond existing pavement surface to the new asphalt overlay. A prime coat is applied to base course prior to laying HMA course.

11. __________ is used in shaping the surface of sand-clay roads.
a) Hoes and rakes
b) Mattocks and bush hooks
c) Drag scraper
d) Plow
Answer: a
Clarification: Mattocks and bush hooks are used for trimming surface. Drag scraper is used for scraping the road surface. Plow is used to expose the surface by overturning it.