250+ TOP MCQs on Traffic Engineering Studies and Analysis – 2 and Answers

Highway Engineering Interview Questions and Answers for Experienced people on “Traffic Engineering Studies and Analysis – 2”.

1. The annual average daily traffic is calculated by which of the formula?
Answer: b
Clarification: The AADT is given by AAADT=ADT*DF*WF*SF, it depends on traffic, day, season and week.

2. Running speed of a vehicle is equal to __________
a) Travel speed+ delay
b) Travel speed
c) Travel speed-delay
d) Average of travel speed and delay
Answer: c
Clarification: The running speed of a vehicle is obtained by dividing the distance with a time of travel and subtracting the delays.

3. The speed at any instant of time is called __________
a) Running speed
b) Travel speed
c) Spot speed
d) Space speed
Answer: c
Clarification: The speed at any instant of time is called as spot speed or instantaneous speed, running speed is during travel and the average speed of travel is travel speed.

4. Which of the following relationship is correct?
a) Travel speed= running speed
b) Travel speedrunning speed
d) Travel speed=1.5 times of running speed
Answer: b
Clarification: Running speed is always greater than travel speed as the travel speed always includes the stopped delays.

5. Peak hour factor is expressed in percentage of __________
a) ADT
c) PCU
d) DF
Answer: b
Clarification: Peak hour factor is expressed in the percentage of AADT; it is used in the design of transportation facilities and major projects.

6. How many types of traffic speed studies are conducted?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four
Answer: b
Clarification: There are two types of studies conducted for speed, they are (i) spot studies (ii) speed and delay studies.

7. If the distance of a vehicle moved is 25m and the observed travel time is 15 sec then space mean speed is?
a) 4m/s
b) 5m/s
c) 6m/s
d) 7m/s
Answer: c
Clarification: Space mean speed=3.6*25/15

8. If space mean speed of a vehicle is 50kmph, then the time mean speed will be __________
a) Less than 50kmph
b) Greater than 50kmph
c) Equal to 50kmph
d) Depends on the vehicle
Answer: b
Clarification: The Time mean speed will always be greater than space mean speed and it will be greater than 50kmph.

9. If the instantaneous speed of 4 vehicles are 35, 40, 45 and 50 then the time mean speed will be __________
a) 40kmph
b) 41 kmph
c) 41.5kmph
d) 42.5kmph
Answer: d
Clarification: The space mean speed is given by
=35+40+45+50/ (4)

10. The geometric design in India are designed for __________
a) 85th percentile speed
b) 15th percentile speed
c) 98th percentile speed
d) 100 percentile speed
Answer: c
Clarification: In India mostly the road geometrics are designed for 98th percentile speed, the upper limit for speed is 85th percentile and lower limit is 15th percentile.