250+ TOP MCQs on Traffic Planning and Management and Answers

Highway Engineering Multiple Choice Questions on “Traffic Planning and Management”.

1. Land use, transportation and road network plans are __________
a) Inter linked
b) Intra linked
c) Not linked
d) Depends on the network
Answer: a
Clarification: Land use, transportation and road network plans are inter linked to each other and they are inseparable.

2. What is the main cause of accidents in urban areas?
a) Improper planning
b) Extra wide roads
c) Additional thickness of the pavement
d) Traffic congestion
Answer: a
Clarification: The main cause of accidents in urban areas is improper planning, no adequate facilities and increase of traffic.

3. The first stage in the function of traffic engineering department is?
a) Planning and design
b) Collection of data
c) Investigations
d) Finance
Answer: b
Clarification: The first stage in the function of the traffic engineering department is a collection of data followed by analysis and design.

4. Traffic forecast is not influenced by __________
a) GDP
b) Industrial output
c) Population
d) Weather
Answer: d
Clarification: Weather cannot influence the traffic forecast, as it is not related to traffic engineering, the remaining directly or indirectly are related to the traffic.

5. Demographic factors do not include __________
a) GDP
b) Population in urban cities
c) Population in rural areas
d) Overall population
Answer: a
Clarification: Demographic factors include population, the population in urban and rural areas, GDP accounts for economic factors.

6. The NHDP are being undertaken by private companies on the basis of __________
a) Profit
b) Revenue
c) BOT
d) Commission basis
Answer: c
Clarification: In India mostly private and govt. sectors follow BOT which means build operate transfer, it is built by a private firm and later transferred to govt.

7. The traffic will increase if the __________
a) Price of fuel decreases
b) Price of vehicles decreases
c) Price of fuel decreases
d) Price of vehicles decreases
Answer: b
Clarification: The traffic increases if the prices of vehicle decreases, price of fuel may increase and decrease, but if the price of the vehicle decreases then the traffic increases.

8. The traffic population is estimated by __________
a) Arithmetic method
b) Geometric method
c) Incremental increase method
d) Harmonic method
Answer: b
Clarification: The population forecast is calculated by
P=P0 (1+r)n
Where, P is the expected population, n is the number of years, P0 is the present population.