[PDF Notes] Revolt of Malik Chhajju

During the second year of his reign, Jalal-ud-Din had to face the revolt of Malik Chhajju.

The original name of Chhajju was Kishlu Khan. He was a nephew of Balban and would like to but himself on the throne, if possible. He opposed Jalal-ud-Din before he became king but after his accession, he submitted and was given the Jagir of Kara. In spite of this, Chhajju entered into Ian alliance with Hatim, Governor of Avadh and raised the standard of revolt.

At the head of his followers. Chhajju marched towards Dehli. Arkali Khan, son of Jalal-ud-Din, was sent against Chhajju, Chhajju was defeated and he and his followers were captured and brought before the Sultan. Instead of punishing them, the Sultan pardoned them and fed them from the royal kitchen. [Chhajju was sent to Multan and arrangments were made for his comforts. The Sultan also praised [the loyalty of the followers of Chhajju to their master.

The young Khaljis, led by Ahmad Chap, tested against this policy and warned the Sultan of the consequences of such a weak policy. However, the Sultan did not pay any heed. Kara was given to Ala-ud-Din, his own son-in-law.

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