[PDF Notes] Science is described as a systematic body of classified knowledge obtained bv thi inductive procedure

Science is described as a systematic body of classified knowledge obtained bv thi inductive procedure. Its characteristics are –

i) Scientific knowledge is empirical

ii) Its theories are not infallible

iii) Scientific knowledge is obtained through a dependable procedure

iv) It always remains faithful to facts.

Order in science:

Science does not explain facts at random. It systematizes the facts and formulates: theories,

Different branches of science make coherent systems and follow some order. The order that is used in science reveals its stage of development.

Four orders have been discussed in philosophy of science. They are

i) Classificatory order

ii) Causal order

iii) Mathematical order

iv) Theoretical order

A system is the result of the orderly arrangement of the laws. The constituent’s of a system are mutually compatible. Within a system some laws might have higher generality than others.

Unlike formal science, in physical science a generalisaions or theory is never f logical corollary. The process of system building in science is open-ended and is not final

Scientific method:

All branches of “science deal with different subject matter. But they aim an I systematization of facts, classification of data, generalization, discovery of exceptional regularities or laws, construction of theories etc. The scientific method is usually the same in all branches of physical science.

Scientific explanation:

Scientific explanation is systematic, methodical, objective and unified; it is different from teleological or purposive explanation.

A scientific explanation is in accordance with the scientific procedure which includes some well defined steps.

Nagel brings out four kinds of explanations. They are-

i) Deductive-model explanation

ii) Probabilistic explanation

iii) Functional explanation

iv) Genetic explanation

Scientific explanation has some limitations. Where scientific explanation is not possible, there is no other explanation to be followed.

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