[PDF Notes] Short Biography of Alba-ud-Din Masood-Shah

Masud Shah ruled for four years. He was the grandson of Iltutmish and the son of Rukn-ud-Din Firuz Shah. During his reign, the Turkish nobles were supreme. The new Sultan was forced to delegate all powers to the Forty. He was merely to enjoy the title of the Sultan. The job of the Naib-i-Mamlikat was created once again and that office was filled up by Malik Qutb-ud-Din Hasan.

The other important positions in the administration were occupied by the other members of the Forty. Muhazab-ud-Din, the Wazir, occupied the same position as was formerly occupied by the Naib. Differences arose between the aristocracy and the Wazir and utlimately the Wazir was dismissed. Balban was appointed Amir-i-Hajib. Gradually, he was able to concentrate practically all power in his own hands.

It was during the reign of Masud Shah that Tughar Khan, Governor of Bengal, defied the authority of the Sultan and became independent. He also annexed Bihar. He went to the extent of invading Avadh. Multan and Uch also became independent. In 1245, Multan was invaded and occupied by Saif-ud-Din Hasan Qarlagh. In 1245, the Mongols appeared in India.

They invaded Multan and drove out Hasan Qarlagh. After that, they laid siege to Uch. Sultan Mahmud advanced against the Mongols as far as the Beas and on hearing the advance of the king, the Mongols raised siege and left India.

A conspiracy was hatched in which Balban, Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud and his mother participated. Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud allowed himself to be hurried to the capital disguised as a sick man and then veiled as a woman. Masud Shah was deposed and Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud became king in June, 1246.

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