[PDF Notes] Short Biography of Nasir-ud-Din Khusro Shah

After the death of Mubarak Shah, Khusro ascended the throne on 15 April, 1320, with the approval of the nobles and he continued to rule up to 5 September, 1320.

He took up the title of Nasir-ud-Din Khusro Shah. Most of the old officers and nobles were retained. A few were put to | death. Khusro Shah married Deval Devi.

Khusro Shah tried to win over the nobles and officers by all possible means. Wahid-ud-Din Qureshi, who was formerly a Minister of Mubarak Shah, was allowed to retain his post and was given the title of Taj-ul-Mulk, Ain-ul-Mulk Multani was given the titles of Alam Khan and Amir-ul-Umara, and Ghazi Malik continued to be the Governor of the Punjab and Warden of the Marches. Shaikh Nizam-ud-Din Auliya of Delhi was won over. His own followers were handsomely rewarded.

Khusro Shah was originally a Hindu and later on became a Muslim. It is true that he won a large number of Muslim commanders and officials and divines but there were many Turkish nobles who were opposed to the Indian Muslims being in charge of the administration of the country.

Ghazi Malik, who was the Governor of the Punjab and the Warden of the Marches, was one of them. He became the leader of all those who were opposed to Khusro Shah and tried to win over the Governors of Multan, Samana and Siwistan but failed.

Ain-ul-Mulk Multani refused to join Ghazi Malik but the latter started intrigues and won over a large number of persons to his side. His son, Fakhr-ud-Din Muhammad Jauna, who had been appointed by Khusro Shah as Master of the House escaped from Delhi and joined his father at Dipalpur. After making preparations, Ghazi Malik marched on Delhi.

He was opposed by the Governor of Samana brt the latter was defeated. Ghazi Malik was also opposed by Hisam-ud-Din at Sirsa but the latter was also defeated. When Ghazi Malik reached near Delhi, Khusro Shah himself came out to give him battle.

Unfortunately, Ain-ul-Mulk Multani withdrew his troops before the battle. Consequently Khusro Shah was defeated and killed on 5 September, 1320. Thus came to an end the Khalji Dynasty after a period of thirty years of rule in India.

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