[PDF Notes] Short essay on Family Welfare Programmes

The national welfare programmes was launched in India in the year 1951 unfortunately, this programme could not succeed even after more than 50 year after its implementation.

The conservative outlook towards adapting family planning methods, particularly in the rural areas and the social, cultural and religious barriers to their adoption are responsible for failure of family welfare programmes. It is the fast that unless people belonging to all the religious and caste are willing to participate in family planning programmes. This is applicable for population living in rural areas.

It is the high time to understand that every additional child would mean increased demands on food, space, health facilities etc. Thus, there is a need for adopting a holistic and pronged approach towards stabilization of population. Since the fertility behavior is directly influenced by female literacy, age of girls at time of marriage, status of women in society, poverty etc. It is the duty of women to play a direct and active role through family planning, social and voluntary organization.

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