[PDF Notes] Short essay on Forestand wild life resources of India

In early times, crores of years before | Earth remained a barren planet of the Solar System. But afterwards, due to reasons still unknown life evolved in the saline waters of the oceans.

The first form of life was in the form of plants. It is because of this reason that life began with the evolution of plants. Thus Plant Kingdom came into being. Plant Kingdom provided stage for the appearance of another kind of life, the form of animals, leading to the evolution of Animal Kingdom.

Plant Kingdom obtains energy from the Sun, it provides energy to Animal Kingdom in the form of food. It is, therefore. Plant Kingdom (in other words flora) is the backbone of our natural resources base.

Forest resources

Flora means, in general terms, all types of flowering and non-flowering plants. India has 49000 species of plants. Of these plants 5000 species exclusively belong to our country. Owing to variations in relief, climate, soils, diurnal and annual range of temperature, rainfall amount, sunshine and vegetal regimes, India is proud having flora ranging from Equatorial rain forests to Arctic vegetation.

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