[PDF Notes] Short notes on the nature of non-economic activities

Activities which are undertaken to satisfy social, religious cultural and sentimental require­ments are called non-economic activities. The objective of these activities is not to earn monetary gain or reward.

People engage in non-economic activities for reasons of love, sympathy, religion, patriotism, etc. For example, a mother looks after her children, a stu­dent donates blood, an old man goes to temple daily, a rich man donates money to Prime Minister’s Relief Fund, a young man helps a blind girl cross the road, etc.

It is the object of any activity that distinguishes between economic and non-economic activities. The primary objective of economic activities is to earn livelihood and create wealth.

On the other hand, the main objective of non-economic activities is to get some short of social, cultural, religious or recreational satisfaction.

The output of economic activities can be measured in terms of money e.g., the salary of a teacher, the fee of a doctor and the profits of a businessman. But the result of non-economic activities cannot be measured in terms of money.

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