[PDF Notes] Some of the devices which may be profitably used in the mailing department are

The mailing department staff has to engage in many repetitive and monotonous activities in the course of the performance of their functions. In large organizations, the handling and disposal of mail calls for speed and accuracy of the mailing services.

Many mechanical aids have been devised for the use in mailing department. Some of the devices which may be profitably used in the mailing department are:

1. Letter Opening Machine:

This is used for opening envelopes of different sizes at great speed. This machine can be operated manually or electrically and can be adjusted to open envelopes of any standard size.

2. Date and Time Recording Machine:

This machine is used to record the time and date of receipt or dispatch of mail. When envelopes are inserted in it, the machine prints the time and date on it.

3. Addressing Machine:

This is used to print addresses on letters, envelopes etc. which are sent to regular correspondents.

4. Folding Machine:

This machine is used to fold a large number of letters of identical size at a high speed.

5. Sealing Machine:

This machine is automatically moistened and seals the flaps of envelopes.

6. Inserting Machine:

This is used to insert folded letters into envelopes at a great speed.

7. Tape Moistening Machine:

This is used to seal bulky packets and parcels etc. It takes a roll of strongly gummed tough paper tape and moisten it before affixing it.

8. Franking Machine:

(Stamping machine) It is used in large offices for affixing postage stamps on envelopes. In large offices, where thousands of outgoing envelopes have to be stamped each day, these machines are very useful.

The machine not only marks the envelopes with the required denominations of the postage stamps but also prints the balance on hand. This machine gets locked automatically after the value of stamps, for which payment has been made to the post office, has been printed.

9. Mailing Scale:

This is weighing machine which weigh letters, envelopes and packets to ascertain the correct postage to be affixed on them.

10. Sealing-cum-Stamping Machine:

It is an electrically operated machine which not only seals the envelopes but also franks and counts them.

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