[PDF Notes] What are the chief features of Michael Drayton’s monumental work ‘Polyoblion’

The chief features of Drayton’s Polyoblion monumental work are:

(a) It poetizes the Geography of England from one corner to another.

(b) Every hill, valley, river, even street, is personified and is made to narrate local history and legend. As this is continued throughout the poem, the effect is ridiculous and monotone. The humanized rivers and hills cut very strange figures, and there is something childish about the whole conception.

(c) The Polyolbion forces our admiration because of the untiring zeal of the poet, and particular passages of real beauty.

(d) Drayton’s is an innovator, he has used the Alexandrine while ten or eight-syllable lines were the order of the day. He alone has poetized geography.

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