[PDF Notes] What are the Fundamental Features of Basic Education?

The fundamental features of the scheme having undergone some changes are as follows:

1. Free and compulsory education to be given in 8 years (from 6 to 14 years) in two stages, instead of 7 to 17. The junior stage will cover five years and the senior 3 years.

2. The medium of instruction is to be the mother tongue.

3. Education is to center round some form of productive work. The social and physical environment should be used for correlation in addition to craft.

4. The self-supporting aspect is not being overemphasized. The sale proceeds of the finished goods should be able to help the school to cover some part of its expenditure.

5. External examinations are to be abolished. The day to day work of the students is to be determining factor.

6. Textbooks to be avoided as far as possible.

7. Cleanliness and health, citizenship, play and recreation are to be given sufficient importance.

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