[PDF Notes] What are the merits and demerits of Written Constitution ?

Merits of Written Constitution:

1. The written constitution is very clear and precise. It is free from doubts and ambiguity

2. The written constitution lays emphasis on rule of law.

3. The written constitution is indispensable to federalism. It properly distributes powers between the centre and federal units – states or provinces.

4. The written constitution protects the fundamental rights of the individual, fundamental rights are very essential for the liberty of the individual, and rights are part of a written constitution. It will be unconstitutional to deprive individual of any of these rights.

5. The written constitution protects the interests of minorities.

6. As a written constitution is clear, the ruler (government) cannot exercise powers arbitrarily. A written constitution prevents arbitrary and whimsical

Demerits of Written constitution:

1. A written constitution cannot easily cope with the changes taking place in c: of time. With the passage of time changes take place in the condition of a country. The constitution needs revision or modification to deal with such changes, a written constitution, being rigid, is not easily amenable to necessary modification or revision.

2. When a written constitution fails to cope with the march of time and consequent changes in the condition of the country, the people, being angry, may revolt against the government.

3. As a written constitution gives more importance to written laws, the importance of public opinion decreases.

4. In a country with a written constitution, customs, traditions and conventions their value.

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