[PDF Notes] What is Indian concept regarding the nature of self

All that exists is ‘Brahma’, which is the eternal conscious self. He is an embodiment of truth knowledge and Bliss. The ego we feel is, nothing but the vibrations of sensations. When we dream we experience is world which appears to be absolutely real, but when we wake up, it appears to be vague memory.

The soul is never born, nor dies; nor does it become only after being born. It is unborn, eternal, constant, movable, omnipresent, unman fest, unthinkable, everlasting and ancient “weapons cannot cut it, nor can fire burn it, water cannot wet it nor can wind dry it.

“Atman (individual soul) will be re-united with human (Supreme soul) after ‘Maya’ (illusion of time and space). Atman and Brahman are subjective and objective reality-are the same? It is spiritual education, which reminds us of the unity of life.

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