[PDF Notes] What is the Need for irrigation?

1. for crops to grow well we need to water them at the right time but the rains are unpredictable in India so the need to irrigate the land.

2. Monsoons cause rainfall only for three to four months in the year so for crops to grow water is required.

3. The distribution of rainfall in India is uneven and unequal. In some regions excess water causes floods while in others less water causes famines.

4. Irrigation is also important in arid regions.

5. Certain crops require more water than others so irrigation is required.

6. Certain crops are grown in the winter season so water has to be provided by artificial means.

So now it is very clear that to increase agricultural production the government has to make a great effort to provide irrigational facilities to the farmer. There are basically three methods of irrigation.

1. Well Irrigation

2. Tank Irrigation

3. Canal Irrigation

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