[PDF Notes] Who is known as the Father of Bengali Fiction?

Bankim Chandra Chattered is acknowledged as one of the greatest novelists in Bengali literature. He is often called The Father of Bengali Fiction’. His novels are not only perfect in artistry, but they also provide abundant hum our, making their reading a joyful experience. He has also lent an element of romance to his novels. He wrote on varied subjects-his novels being historical, social and philosophical with stress on renunciation and non-attachment.

Works of Bankim Chandra :

1. Durgeshnandini (1865):

It is Bankim’s epoch-making first historical romance.

2. Kapalkundala (1866):

Bankim stormed the literary world by his sweep of imagination, visionary power and superb characterization in this novel.

3. Mrinalini (1869):

It is his first patriotic novel.

4. Anandamath (1884):

This soul-stirring novel is his most famous which deals with Bengal famine and contains the famous song; ‘Vande Matram’. The plot of the novel is based on the Sanyasi rebellion that erupted in North Bengal in 1773.

5. The Poison Tree (1884):

It is a story of Hindu life in Bengal during the contemporary period.

6. Krishna Kant’s Will (1895).

7. The Two Rings (1897).

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