50 TOP C Language LAB VIVA Questions with Answers Pdf


C Language LAB VIVA Questions and Answers :-

1) Who invented C Language?

2) Who invented B Language?

3) Who invented BCPL Language?

4) Why C Language?

5) What are the features of C Langauges?

6)What are the advantages of c language?

7) What are the disadvantages of c langauge?

8) What are the salient features of c languages?

9) What is a header file?

10) What is character set?

11) What is C token?

12) List the different types of C tokens?

13) What is a string?

14) What are qualifiers?

15) What is a function?

C Language VIVA Questions with Answers :-

16) What is a constant?

17) What are the different types of constants?

18) What is variable?

19) What are the rules for the identifier?

20) What are global variables?

21) What is a keyword?

22) What are the different types of c instructions?

23) What is an expression?

24) What are the types of data files?

25) Why C is called a middle level language?

26) How can variables be characterized?

27) Give the rules for variable declaration?

28) What is the purpose of type declarations?

29) What is recursion?

30) What is data types?

c programming viva questions and answers pdf ::

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