50 TOP COMPUTER GRAPHICS VIVA Questions and Answers – IT


1. What is scan conversion?

2. Write the properties of video display devices?

3. What is rasterization?

4. Define Computer graphics.

5. Name any four input devices?

6. Write the two techniques for producing color displays with a CRT?

7. What is vertical retrace of the electron beam?

8. Short notes on video controller?

9. What is bitmap?

10. Differentiate plasma panel display and thin film electro luminescent display?

11. What is resolution?

12. What is horizontal retrace of the electron beam?

13. What is filament?

14. What is pixel map?

15. Write the types of clipping?

16. What is meant by scan code?

17. List out the merits and demerits of Penetration techniques?

18. List out the merits and demerits of DVST?

19. What do you mean by emissive and non-emissivedisplays?

20. List out the merits and demerits of Plasma paneldisplay?

21. What is persistence?

22. What is Aspect ratio?

23. What is the difference between impact and non-impactprinters?

24. Define pixel?

25. What is frame buffer?

26. Where the video controller is used?

27. What is run length encoding?

28. What is point in the computer graphics system?

29. Write short notes on lines?

30. Define Circle?

31. What are the various attributes of a line?

32. What is anti aliasing?

33. What is Transformation?

34. What is translation?

35. What is rotation?

36. What is scaling?

37. What is shearing?

38. What is reflection?

39. What are the two classifications of shear transformation?

40. A point (4,3) is rotated counterclockwise by an angle of 45°. Find the rotation matrix and the resultant

41. Name any three font editing tools.

42. Differentiate serif and sans serif fonts.

43. Distinguish between window port & view port?

44. Define clipping?

45. What is the need of homogeneous coordinates?


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