250+ TOP MCQs on Steel and Answers

Chemical Industry Multiple Choice Questions on “Steel”.

1. What are the raw materials needed for the manufacture of steel?
a) Pig iron
b) Nickel + oxygen
c) Pig iron + oxygen
d) Pig iron + nitrogen

Answer: c
Clarification: Steel can be manufactured from pig iron with air or oxygen. Pig iron is manufactured from iron ore, coke and limestone.

2. Removal of impurities from pig iron by oxidation gives steel.
a) True
b) False

Answer: a
Clarification: Steel making involves the removal of undesirable elements from pig iron by oxidation followed by the addition of the necessary ingredients to make the type of steel required.

3. What is the temperature of the blast furnace in steel plants?
a) 100 °C
b) 1000 °C
c) 500 °C
d) 2200 °C

Answer: d
Clarification: Blast furnace is used to break down the pig iron at high temperature condition. The maximum temperature of the blast furnace is around 2200°C

4. Which among the following impurity is not added to steel?
a) Silicon
b) Carbon
c) Manganese
d) Arsenic

Answer: d
Clarification: Sulphur is added in steel to improve its machineability but lowers the ductility. Carbon increases the strength of steel whereas manganese increases the hardenability.

5. Which method is commonly used for the manufacture of steel?
a) Open hearth process
b) Contact process
c) Kraft’s process
d) Monte catini process

Answer: a
Clarification: In open hearth process tons of molten pig iron, steel and iron ore is charged. The limestone reacts with phosphorous. The iron ore furnishes oxygen.

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