250+ TOP MCQs on Ground Techniques – Increasing the Bearing Capacity of Soil and Answers

Construction Materials Questions and Answers for Freshers on “Ground Techniques – Increasing the Bearing Capacity of Soil”.

1. Stone columns are invariably used in which soil.
a) Poor bearing capacity
b) Strong bearing capacity
c) Low bearing capacity
d) Very poor bearing capacity
Answer: a
Clarification: It is normally used in soft inorganic soils. Stone columns are essentially a method of soil reinforcement in which soft cohesive soil is replaced at discrete points by compacted stone or crushed rock in pre bored vertical hole to form columns or files within the soil.

2. The construction of which piles proves to be very useful in case of sandy soil or soft.
a) Cast iron pile
b) Sand pile
c) Steel pile
d) Timber pile
Answer: b
Clarification: These piles are formed by making holes in the ground and then filling the holes by sand. If sand is kept confined, it possesses great crushing strength and becomes incompressible.

3. The movement of soil under the action of load can be prevented by confining the ground by use of _________
a) Steel pile
b) Sand pile
c) Timber pile
d) Sheet pile
Answer: d
Clarification: When the sheet piles are used in such ground, it will result in the increase of bearing power of soil. The wooden sheet piles are commonly used for the temporary work such as cofferdams. They usually consists of wooden boards 80 mm to 150 mm thick, 200 mm to 300 mm wide and 2 metres to 4 metres long.

4. Identify the given pile below.
a) Steep pile
b) Sand pile
c) Sheet pile
d) Timber pile
Answer: b
Clarification: Shown above is a typical sand pile. The sand piles are placed at 2 metres to 3 meters, usually under the column of the structure. Load test should be carried out to determine the bearing capacity of sand pile.

5. Identify the given pile below.
a) Sand pile
b) Sheet pile
c) Timber pile
d) Steel pile
Answer: c
Clarification: Figure given above is a Timber pile. At the bottom, a cast iron shoe is provided at the top, a steel plate is fixed. If a group of timber piles is driven, the top of each member of the group is brought at the same level and then, a concrete cap is provided to have a common platform.

6. Identify the given Sheet pile below.
a) Arch web sheet pile
b) R.C.C. sheet pile
c) Straight web sheet pile
d) Timber sheet pile
Answer: d
Clarification: The bottom of timber sheet pile is chamfered so as to form a cutting edge and if necessary, both top and bottom are provided with suitable iron fittings. They usually consist of wooden boards 80 mm to 150 mm thick, 200 mm to 300 mm wide and 2 m to 4 m long.

7. Identify the given pile below.
a) Concrete sheet pile
b) Corrugated sheet pile
c) Z-type sheet pile
d) Timber sheet pile
Answer: a
Clarification: Concrete sheet piles are square or rectangular in cross section and they are driven side by side so as to form a continuous wall. The weight of precast RCC piles varies from 500 mm to 600 mm and the thickness varies from 20 mm to 60 mm.

8. Identify the given pile below.
a) Universal joist steel sheet pile
b) Z-type steel sheet pile
c) Corrugated steel sheet pile
d) Built up type steel sheet pile
Answer: a
Clarification: The given figure shows a universal joint Steel sheet pile. These piles consist of I-beams connected by standard clutches or lock bars. But its flanges are curved so as to accommodate the flanges of I beams as shown in given figure.

9. Identify the given pile below.
a) Timber pile
b) Concrete pile
c) Composite pile
d) Screw pile
Answer: c
Clarification: Composite pile is formed when it is a combination either of a bored pile and driven Pile or of driven piles of two different materials. In this combination, the advantage is taken of the durability of concrete piles and the cheapness of timber piles.

10. The commercial method which combines the effect of vibration with jetting is known as _______
a) Flooding
b) Ramming
c) Vibration
d) Vibroflotation
Answer: d
Clarification: Vibroflotation is very useful especially when the foundation is required to support heavy loads spread over a great area. In this method, a heavy cylinder known as Vibroflot is inserted in the ground while the cylinder vibrates due to a Rotary eccentric weight.

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