100+ TOP Estimating & Costing LAB VIVA Questions and Answers

Estimating & Costing LAB VIVA Questions :-

1.What is Estimate?
2.Units of measurements for various items of building construction
3.List out various Items of building Construction?
4.List out types of Approximate Estimate?
5.What is detailed estimate?
6.Data required for Detailed Estimate?
7.What is abstract estimate?
8.Methods of Detailed Estimate?
9.What is Analysis of Rates?
10.What is Preliminary Estimate?
11.Estimate the quantities of brickwork for a wall of 4m long, 3m high and 30cm thick.
12.Define Quantity Surveyor?
13.Duties of Quantity Surveyor?
14.What is Lead & Lift?
15.The actual expenditure incurred in the construction of a school building which have a total length of main walls 140m is Rs.4.97lakhs.Estimate the approximate cost of a similar school building which will have 180m length of main walls.
16.Write various formulas used to calculate Volume of Earthwork?
17.What is Floor Area?
18.What is Carpet Area?
19.What is Plinth Area?
20.What is Tender?
21.What is Contract?
22.Types of Contract?
23.What is Specification?
24.What is Arbitration?
25.Explain EMD?
26.What is SSR?
27.Factors influencing Value of building?
28.Purpose of Valuation?
29.Scrap Value vs Salvage Value?
30.Define Sinking Fund?
31.Methods of Valuation?
32.What is depreciation?
33.Various methods of depreciation?
34.What is M. Book?
35.What is BBS?
36.Weight of 16mm dia. Steel bar of 1m long?
37.Density of Steel and Cement?
38.Table Format of Detailed Estimate?
39.Table Format of Abstract Estimate?
40.Table Format of BBS?

Estimating & Costing LAB VIVA Questions and Answers ::

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