250+ TOP MCQs on Shell Environment and Answers

Linux / Unix questions and answers focuses on Linux administration for Experienced people on Linux Shell Environment. It will be useful for anyone learning Linux Basics, Essentials and Shell programming.

1. If a file with execute permissions set, but with unknown file format is executed
a) The file is passed to /bin/sh
b) The system returns an error
c) The current shell will try to execute it
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c
Clarification: None.

2. Which of the following is true?
a) Shell is a process and can be started by superuser only
b) Shell is a built-in Kernel functionality
c) Shell is a wrapper for all the commands and utilities
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c
Clarification: None.

3. Which is true with regards to the shell prompt
a) It can be accidentally erased with backspace
b) The prompt cannot be modified
c) The prompt can be customized (modified)
d) None of the mentioned
Answer: c
Clarification: None.

4. What is a shell in UNIX?
a) a program through which users can issue commands to UNIX
b) a window management system
c) the login screen
d) the thing that rides on the back of a turtle in UNIX
Answer: a
Clarification: None.

5. Which of the following represents an absolute path?
a) ../home/file.txt
b) bin/cat
c) cs2204/
d) /usr/bin/cat
Answer: d
Clarification: None.

6. The user bhojas logged in and performed the following sequence of command. What will be the output of the last command?
$ cd project/module1
$ pwd
a) /home/bhojas/project/module1
b) /home/project/module1
c) /usr/bhojas/project/module1
d) project/module1
Answer: a
Clarification: None.

7. BASH shell stands for?
a) Bourne-again Shell
b) Basic Access Shell
c) Basic to Advanced Shell
d) Big & Advanced Shell
Answer: a
Clarification: None.

8. Which of the following files will not be displayed by the command cat re* ?
a) reminder
b) receipt
c) Receipt
d) recipe-cake
Answer: c
Clarification: None.

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