250+ TOP MCQs on Type C Chopper and Answers Quiz Test

Power Electronics Multiple Choice Questions on “Type C Chopper”.

1. Which type of chopper is used in the regenerative braking of DC motors?
A. type A
B. type B
C. type C
D. type D

Answer: C
Clarification: In regenerative braking of DC motors, power needs to flow from load to source as well as source to load depending on whether the machine is in the motoring mode or generative braking.

2. Type C chopper consists of
A. two diodes and two switches
B. one diode and one switch
C. one diode and three switches
D. three diodes and two switches

Answer: A
Clarification: Type C consists of, two diodes and two switches. One diode switch pair is used for operation in a particular quadrant.

3. In a type C chopper, if only one switch is operated
A. only one quadrant operation will be obtained
B. two quadrant operation can be obtained
C. the chopper won’t work
D. none of the mentioned

Answer: A
Clarification: Only one quadrant operation will be operated if only one switch is used. It can be either 1st and 2nd quadrant depending on which switch is operated.

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