300+ TOP Political System of China MCQs and Answers

Political System of China Multiple Choice Questions

1. China’s total area is

A. 9,597,000 sq. KM
B. 9,595,000 Sq. Km
C. 9,497,000 Sq. Km
D. 9,596,000 Sq. Km

Answer: A. 9,597,000 sq. KM

2. China is situated in the ____ part of Asia

A. Eastern
B. Northern
C. Southern
D. Western

Answer: A. Eastern

3. The Chinese Valley of Yellow River is

A. Barren
B. Sandy
C. Fertile
D. Hilly

Answer: C. Fertile

4. People’s Republic of China came into being in

A. 1946
B. 1950
C. 1951
D. 1949

Answer: D. 1949

5. Chinese resources were exploited in the 19th century by

A. Locals
B. Military
C. Imperial Powers
D. All of them

Answer: C. Imperial Powers

6. The socialist forces emerged victorious in

A. 1950
B. 1949
C. 1948
D. 1947

Answer: B. 1949

7. Who remarked that China is like a giant who is in slumber?

A. Churchill
B. Kennedy
C. Napoleon
D. Abraham Lincoln

Answer: A. Churchill

8. The opium war remained for

A. 1839-42
B. 1840-42
C. 1841-42
D. 1835-35

Answer: A. 1839-42

9. Taee Ping regime came into power in

A. 1843
B. 1840
C. 1850
D. 1851

Answer: D. 1851

10. China was proclaimed as a Republic on 1st January

A. 1910
B. 1915
C. 1917
D. 1912

Answer: D. 1912Political System of China MCQs11. The first President of the Chinese Republic was

A. Manchu
B. Tae Ping
C. Mao Zedong
D. Dr. Sun Yat Sen

Answer: D. Dr. Sun Yat Sen

12. The Organic was implemented in

A. 1949
B. 1945
C. 1944
D. 1948

Answer: A. 1949

13. The first session of the central congress of China was held in September

A. 1949
B. 1945
C. 1954
D. 1948

Answer: C. 1954

14. Second important government institution under the constitution 1954 is

A. The Supreme Court
B. The National People’s Congress
C. State Council
D. Standing Committees

Answer: C. State Council

15. Mao died in the year

A. 1971
B. 1973
C. 1976
D. 1972

Answer: C. 1976

16. Jiang Zemin was elected as the President in

A. 1990
B. 1995
C. 1993
D. 1994

Answer: B. 1995

17. The term of the State Council is

A. Five years
B. Six years
C. Three years
D. Four years

Answer: A. Five years

18. In China, Judges are appointed by

A. Civil Service
B. President
C. Election
D. Not anyone

Answer: C. Election

19. Which President organized opposition against Mao?

A. Chou En-Lai
B. Mr. Zao Yang
C. Lieu Shaoqi
D. Mr. Lin Piao

Answer: C. Lieu Shaoqi

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