100+ TOP HEAT TRANSFER LAB VIVA Questions and Answers Pdf

Heat Transfer LAB VIVA Questions :-

1. Heat transfer rate per unit area by conduction is proportional to the normal temperature gradient.
2. A physical property of a substance that characterises the ability of the substance to transfer heat.
3. The ratio of (product of thermal conductivity and area) and the wall thickness.
4. Walls of several heterogeneous layers.
5. Mean rndius for heat transfer by conduction through hollow cylinder of radii r1 and r2.
6. Mean radius for heat transfer by conduction through hollow sphere of radii r1 and r2.
8. The ratio of (product of coefficient of heat transfer and length) and thermal conductivity.
9. Heat transfer taking place by means of electromagnetic waves.
15. Relationship for black bodies between monochromatic emissive power and different wavelengths.
16. The total emission from a black body per unit time varies directly as the fourth power of the absolute temperature.
17. At thermal equilibrium, the absorptivity and emissivity are

1. Fourier’s law
2. thermal conductivity
3. thermal conductance
4. composite
5. [(r2-r1) / Log (r2/r1)]
6. Root of r1r2
8. Nusselt Number
9. radiation
15. Planck’s law
16. Stefan Boltzman law
17. same

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