250+ TOP MCQs on Analysing Sensor Data and Answers

IOT Multiple Choice Questions on “Analysing Sensor Data”.

1. Kansas-temp will display _________ Components.
a) 3 components
b) Can’t say
c) 4 components
d) Infinite

Answer: b
Clarification: Check the Kansas-temp… checkbox and the site will display the registered components for the selected device. Registered components may be temperature, humidity etc.

2. What temperature of checkbox will display?
a) Temperature in Fahrenheit
b) Temperature in Celsius
c) Percentage
d) Temperature in Fahrenheit for the past hour

Answer: d
Clarification: The temperature checkbox and the site will display a chat with the ambient temperature measured in degrees Fahrenheit for the past hour.

3. Chat uses _________ to generate graph.
a) Lines
b) Rows and Columns
c) Only rows
d) Only columns

Answer: a
Clarification: By default, the chart uses a line and generates a graph with the time series values registered in the past hour.

4. Refresh rate for the graph is set to _________
a) 20 seconds
b) 5 seconds
c) 30 seconds
d) Every second

Answer: c
Clarification: By default, the refresh rate for the graph is set to 30 seconds, and therefore, the chart will be updated every 30 seconds.

5. What is the maximum refresh rate that can be set?
a) 100 seconds
b) 120 seconds
c) 40 seconds
d) 60 seconds

Answer: d
Clarification: We can change the refresh rate to as low as 5 seconds or as high as 60 seconds.

6. My chat page allows searching criteria such as _________
a) Device Name
b) Associated tags
c) Properties
d) Charts

Answer: c
Clarification: Charts site will display the My Charts page that will allow you to search for devices using many search criteria, such as the device name, the associated tags, and its properties.

7. Raw rate button will display what?
a) Raw data
b) Data from all components
c) All types of data
d) Device names

Answer: a
Clarification: The raw data site will display a list with raw data that has been sent to build the time series, that is, all the observations received for the selected component.

8. Can we use MATLAB for analysing IOT sensor data.
a) True
b) False

Answer: a
Clarification: We can use MATLAB to analyse IOT sensor data. As IoT solutions emerge, the amount of available sensor data is growing, but developing insight into that data can be difficult.

9. ___________ is used to organize and manipulate time-stamped data.
a) Network
b) Machine Learning
c) Cluster
d) Timetable

Answer: d
Clarification: Timetable is used to organize and manipulate time-stamped data. Timetable is designed to help you combine data-sets with different time-stamps in a meaningful way.

10. Machine learning algorithm uses computational methods to learn.
a) False
b) True

Answer: b
Clarification: Machine learning algorithm uses computational methods to learn information directly from data without assuming a predetermined equation as a model.

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