[Updated] Learn Engilish Class Notes of All Topics Pdf Download

Engilish Class Notes

  1. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Essay
  2. A Legend of The Northland Summary
  3. A Little Knowledge Is A Dangerous Thing Essay
  4. A Roadside Stand Summary
  5. A Short Moon Diary Summary
  6. A Thing of Beauty Is A Joy Forever Essay
  7. A Thing of Beauty Summary
  8. A Tiger in the Zoo Summary
  9. A Triumph of Surgery Summary
  10. A Visit to A Hill Station Essay
  11. A Visit to A Historical Place Essay
  12. A Visit to A Museum Essay
  13. A Visit to The Zoo Essay
  14. APJ Abdul Kalam Essay
  15. APJ Abdul Kalam Speech
  16. About Myself Paragraph for Kids: 500+ Words Essay for Kids
  17. Abraham Lincoln Essay
  18. Action Speaks Louder Than Words Essay
  19. Active and Passive Voice – Introduction, Examples and Exercises
  20. Adjective – Types, Introduction, Quiz, and FAQs
  21. Adjectives – Correct Use, Kinds of Adjectives and Solved Exercise
  22. Adjectives Comparative – Definition, Types, Examples and FAQS
  23. Adjectives Proper – Definition, Formation and Solved Examples
  24. Adjectives Superlative- Explanation, Types And Uses
  25. Adult Education Speech
  26. Adverbs of Frequency
  27. Adverbs – Definition, Formation and Different Types
  28. Afforestation Essay
  29. Air Pollution Essay
  30. All that Glitters is Not Gold Essay
  31. Amanda Summary
  32. An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away Essay
  33. An Elementary School Classroom In A Slum Summary
  34. Analogy – Introduction, Types, Tricks, Learn by Doing and FAQs
  35. Animals Summary
  36. Annual Day Speech For Students in English
  37. Around The World Summary
  38. Article 370 Essay
  39. Article Writing
  40. Articles
  41. Articles – Definite, Indefinite, and FAQs
  42. Artificial Intelligence Essay
  43. Aryabhatta Essay
  44. Aunt Jennifers Tigers Summary
  45. Auxiliaries and Modal Verbs – Definition, Types, Examples and Solved Solutions
  46. Baisakhi Essay
  47. Basketball Essay
  48. Bepin Choudhury Lapse of Memory Summary
  49. Best Friend Essay
  50. Best Man Speech
  51. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Essay
  52. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Speech
  53. Bhagat Singh Essay
  54. Biodiversity Essay
  55. Birth Summary
  56. Blood Donation Essay
  57. Books Essay
  58. Brain Drain Essay
  59. Camel Essay
  60. Capital Letters
  61. Cashless India Essay
  62. Cat Essay
  63. Chandni Summary
  64. Chandra Shekhar Azad Essay
  65. Charminar Essay
  66. Chess Essay
  67. Child Labour Essay
  68. Childhood Essay
  69. Childhood Memories Essay
  70. Childhood Summary
  71. Children\’s Day Essay
  72. Childrens Day Speech
  73. Christmas Day Speech
  74. Christmas Essay
  75. Christmas Speech
  76. City life vs Village Life Essay
  77. Classification Of Main Verbs – Types And Examples
  78. Clauses – Definition, Types and FAQs
  79. Clean India Essay
  80. Cleanliness Essay
  81. Cleanliness Speech
  82. Cleanliness is Next to Godliness Essay
  83. Climate Change Speech
  84. College Life Essay
  85. Common Nouns – Understanding With Illustrating Examples
  86. Consequences of Global Warming Essay
  87. Conservation of Natural Resources Essay
  88. Conservation of Nature Essay
  89. Constitution of India Essay
  90. Continuous Tenses and Meaning Quiz
  91. Coordinating Conjunction
  92. Corruption Essay
  93. Cricket Essay
  94. Cricket Match Essay
  95. Crow Essay
  96. Cruelty to Animals Essay
  97. Cyber Crime Essay
  98. Debate Topics – Factors and Preparation Steps
  99. Deep Water Summary
  100. Definite Article – Definition and How to Use
  101. Deforestation Essay
  102. Democracy Essay
  103. Demonetization Essay
  104. Depletion of Ozone Layer Essay
  105. Descriptive Essay
  106. Dialogue Writing
  107. Diary Entry
  108. Diary Writing
  109. Digital India Essay
  110. Direct and Indirect Speech – Explanation, Examples, Narration Rules, and FAQs
  111. Disaster Management Essay
  112. Discipline Essay
  113. Discovering Tut The Saga Continues Summary
  114. Display Advertisement Format Class 12
  115. Diwali Essay
  116. Doctor Essay
  117. Dog Essay
  118. Dowry System Essay
  119. Dr B R Ambedkar Essay
  120. Durga Puja Essay
  121. Dussehra Essay
  122. Dust of Snow Summary
  123. Earthquake Essay
  124. Education Essay
  125. Election Essay
  126. Elementary Idea of Tenses – Introduction, Types and FAQs
  127. English Grammar
  128. English Grammar for Kids: Vowels and Consonants
  129. Environment Essay
  130. Environmental Issue Essay
  131. Environmental Pollution Essay
  132. Environmental Protection Essay
  133. Essay On Social Media
  134. Essay Writing
  135. Essay of Population Growth
  136. Essay on AIDS
  137. Essay on Acid Rain
  138. Essay on Albert Einstein
  139. Essay on Ambedkar Jayanti
  140. Essay on Black Money
  141. Essay on Cancer
  142. Essay on Capital Punishment
  143. Essay on Charity Begins At Home
  144. Essay on Computer
  145. Essay on Effects of Global Warming
  146. Essay on Election Commission of India
  147. Essay on Elephant
  148. Essay on Fair
  149. Essay on Fathers Day
  150. Essay on Fish
  151. Essay on Friendship Day
  152. Essay on Fundamental Rights
  153. Essay on Gardening
  154. Essay on Globalisation
  155. Essay on Healthy Lifestyle
  156. Essay on Hindi Diwas
  157. Essay on Hockey
  158. Essay on Holiday
  159. Essay on Importance of Communication
  160. Essay on Importance of Tree Plantation For Students in English
  161. Essay on India is Our Motherland | Essay Writing for Kids
  162. Essay on Indian Economy
  163. Essay on Indian Education
  164. Essay on Indian Heritage
  165. Essay on Junk Food For Students in English
  166. Essay on Kannada Rajyotsava
  167. Essay on Land Pollution
  168. Essay on Life
  169. Essay on Life In An Indian Village
  170. Essay on Life of Soldiers
  171. Essay on Life on Mars
  172. Essay on Mental Health
  173. Essay on Mother Love
  174. Essay on Mothers Day
  175. Essay on My Favorite Game Badminton
  176. Essay on My Favourite Teacher
  177. Essay on My School Life
  178. Essay on Nelson Mandela
  179. Essay on Newspaper
  180. Essay on PUBG Mobile Game Addiction
  181. Essay on Plastic Bag
  182. Essay on Politics
  183. Essay on Procrastination
  184. Essay on Red Fort
  185. Essay on Sachin Tendulkar
  186. Essay on Seasons in India
  187. Essay on Snake
  188. Essay on Soil Pollution
  189. Essay on Sparrow
  190. Essay on Stephen Hawking
  191. Essay on Swami Vivekananda
  192. Essay on Time Management
  193. Essay on Tourism
  194. Essay on Traffic Rules
  195. Essay on Untouchability For Students in English
  196. Essay on Values
  197. Essay on Vehicle Pollution
  198. Essay on Wildlife Conservation
  199. Essay on World Health Day
  200. Essay on a Good Friend
  201. Essay on waste Management
  202. Essays
  203. Evan Tries an O Level Summary
  204. Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining Essay
  205. Failures Are The Pillars of Success Essay
  206. Family Picnic Essay
  207. Famous Speeches of Mahatma Gandhi for Students in English
  208. Farewell Speech For Seniors
  209. Farewell Speech for College Students
  210. Farewell Speech for Students
  211. Farewell Speech for Teacher
  212. Farewell Speech for a Colleague
  213. Farewell Speech on Retirement
  214. Farmers Essay
  215. Fashion Essay
  216. Father to Son Summary
  217. Female Foeticide Essay
  218. Festivals of India Essay
  219. Figure of Speech
  220. Filling in Sentences
  221. Fire and Ice Summary
  222. Flood Essay
  223. Football Essay
  224. Footprints Without Feet Summary
  225. For Anne Gregory Summary
  226. Forest Essay
  227. Formal Letter: Format of Letter Writing and Examples in English
  228. Formation of Adjectives – Definition and Solved Questions
  229. Formation of Adverbs
  230. Freedom Essay
  231. Freedom Fighters Essay
  232. Freedom of Speech Essay
  233. Friendship Essay
  234. Friendship Speech for Students in English
  235. Frog and the Nightingale Summary
  236. From The Diary of Anne Frank Summary
  237. Full Stop
  238. Future Continuous Tense – Definition, Structure, Formula and Rules
  239. Future Continuous Tenses – Understanding With Examples
  240. Future Perfect Tense – Definition, Formula, Structure, Rules and FAQs
  241. Future Tense
  242. GST Essay
  243. Gandhi Jayanti Essay
  244. Gandhi Jayanti Speech
  245. Ganesh Chaturthi Essay
  246. Gautam Buddha Essay
  247. Gender Equality Essay
  248. Generation Gap Essay
  249. Girl Education Essay
  250. Glimpses of India Summary
  251. Global Warming Essay
  252. Global Warming Speech for Students in English
  253. God Help Those Who Help Themselves Essay
  254. Going To – Explanation, Structure, Use and FAQs
  255. Gradable and Non Gradable Adjectives – Types and Examples
  256. Grammatical Category- Meaning, Types With Examples, Tips, FAQ\’s
  257. Grand Parents Essay
  258. Green Revolution Essay
  259. Guru Nanak Dev Ji Essay
  260. Happiness Speech
  261. Happy Prince – Prose, Plot Details and Moral Analysis
  262. Harmful Effects of Junk Food Essay
  263. Health Essay
  264. Health and Hygiene Essay
  265. Health is Wealth Essay
  266. Healthy Food Essay
  267. Hindi Diwas Speech
  268. Holi Essay
  269. Homonyms – Meaning, Examples and FAQs
  270. Honesty Is The Best Policy Essay
  271. Horse Essay
  272. How I Spend My Summer Vacation | Essay Writing for Kids
  273. How I Spent My Summer Vacation Essay
  274. How to Tell Wild Animals Summary
  275. Human Rights Day Speech
  276. I Love My Family Essay
  277. Ideal Student Essay
  278. Idiom and Phrases – Meaning and Examples
  279. Idiom and Phrases – Definition and Commonly Used Terms
  280. If I Were You Summary
  281. Importance of Discipline Essay
  282. Importance of Education Speech
  283. Importance of Forests Essay
  284. Importance of Good Manners Essay
  285. Importance of Independence Day Essay
  286. Importance of National Integration Essay
  287. Importance of Newspaper Essay
  288. Importance of Sports Essay
  289. Importance of Water Essay
  290. Incredible India Essay
  291. Indefinite Pronoun – Definition, About Indefinite Pronoun and Examples
  292. Independence Day Speech
  293. Independence day Essay
  294. India Essay
  295. India Gate Essay
  296. India of My Dreams Essay
  297. Indian Army Essay
  298. Indian Culture Speech
  299. Indian Culture and Tradition Essay
  300. Indian Farmers Essay
  301. Indian Politics Essay
  302. Indigo Summary
  303. Indira Gandhi Essay
  304. Informal Letter – Introduction, Contents and Examples
  305. Integrity Essay
  306. Interjection – Types, Rules, Example Sentences, and FAQs
  307. International Womens Day Speech
  308. International Yoga Day Essay
  309. Internet Essay
  310. Interrogative Determiners- Types, Introduction, Examples
  311. Interrogative Sentence – Examples, Types, Alternative, Rules
  312. Introduction to Conjunctions – Definition with Examples and Types with Examples
  313. Inverted Commas and Quotation Marks
  314. Janmashtami Essay
  315. Kabaddi Essay
  316. Kathmandu Summary
  317. Keeping Quiet Summary
  318. Kho Kho Essay
  319. Kinds of Adjectives – Different Types of Adjectives
  320. Kinds of Adverbs – Definition, Types, Explanation and Examples
  321. Kinds of Preposition – Definition and Examples
  322. Knowledge is Power Essay
  323. Knowledge is Power Speech in English for Students
  324. Lal Bahadur Shastri Essay
  325. Lal Bahadur Shastri Speech
  326. Landscape To Soul Summary
  327. Landscape of The Soul Summary
  328. Last Leaf – Summary, Back Drop, Analysis and Themes
  329. Lata Mangeshkar Essay
  330. Laughter is The Best Medicine Essay
  331. Laughter is a Best Medicine Essay
  332. Leadership Speech in English for Students
  333. Learn About Verbs Modals – Shall Vs Will
  334. Learn Various Types Of Pronoun And Its Usage
  335. Letter Writing – Introduction, Types and Format
  336. Library and It\’s Uses Essay
  337. Light Pollution Speech
  338. Linking, Intransitive and Transitive Verbs – Quiz
  339. Linking, Intransitive and Transitive Verbs – Types and Examples
  340. Lion Essay
  341. Look Before You Leap Essay
  342. MS Dhoni Essay
  343. Macbeth – Summary, Characters List, Theme and Analysis
  344. Madam Rides The Bus Summary
  345. Mahatma Gandhi Essay
  346. Make in India Essay
  347. Mary Kom Essay
  348. Mathematics Day Essay
  349. Memories of Childhood Summary
  350. Merchant of Venice Summary – Analysis, Plot Details and Characteristics
  351. Mijbil The Otter Summary
  352. Mirror Summary
  353. Mobile Phone Essay
  354. Modal Verbs – Definition, Uses and Examples
  355. Monkey Essay
  356. Monkey and Crocodile Story in English
  357. Mother Essay
  358. Mother Teresa Essay
  359. Mothers Day Speech
  360. Mothers Day Summary
  361. Mrs Packletides Tiger Summary
  362. Music Essay
  363. My Aim in Life Essay
  364. My Ambition Essay
  365. My Childhood Summary
  366. My Dream Essay
  367. My Dream House Essay
  368. My Elder Brother Summary
  369. My Favourite Book Essay
  370. My Favourite Game Essay
  371. My Favourite Hobby Essay
  372. My Favourite Subject Essay
  373. My Garden Essay
  374. My Hobby Essay
  375. My House Essay
  376. My Mother At Sixty Six Short Summary
  377. My Mother Essay
  378. My Mother at Sixty-Six Summary for Class 12
  379. My Parents Essay
  380. My Pet Dog Essay
  381. My School Library Essay
  382. My School Life Speech
  383. My School Speech For Students in English
  384. My Shadow Summary
  385. My Village Essay
  386. My family Essay
  387. Narendra Modi Essay
  388. Narration – Direct and Indirect Speech Rules
  389. National Festivals of India Essay
  390. National Flag Essay
  391. National Integration Speech For Students in English
  392. Natural Disasters Essay
  393. Natural Resources Essay
  394. Nature Essay
  395. Nature Speech in English For Students
  396. Necessity Is The Mother of Invention Essay
  397. Nelson Mandela – Long Walk to Freedom Summary Class 10 English
  398. New Year Essay
  399. New Year Essay
  400. Newspaper Essay
  401. Newspaper Reading Essay
  402. No Men Are Foreign Summary
  403. Noise Pollution Essay
  404. Non Classified or Display Advertisement
  405. Notice Writing
  406. Nouns Adjective – Examples and Definition
  407. Nouns Questions with Answers for Kids | Online Grammar Quiz
  408. Omission of Article – Rules and Solved Examples
  409. On The Face of it Summary
  410. Onam Festival Essay
  411. Order of Words in a Sentence – Meaning, Types, and FAQs
  412. Organic Farming Essay
  413. Packing Summary
  414. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Essay
  415. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Speech in English
  416. Paragraph Writing
  417. Parenthetical Expression- Meaning, Definition, Usage and Quiz
  418. Parrot Essay
  419. Parts Of Speech- Identifying Parts of Speech Quiz
  420. Parts of Speech – Eight Types and Uses
  421. Passive Voice Quiz – Definitions, Rule of Voice and Solved Examples
  422. Past Continuous Tense
  423. Past Perfect Continuous Tense – Verb Tense In English Grammar
  424. Past Perfect Tense – Learn The Formula, Structure, and Examples
  425. Past Tense and Its Types – Examples and Uses
  426. Patol Babu Film Start Summary
  427. Patriotism Essay
  428. Peacock Essay
  429. Personal Pronouns – Types, List and Examples
  430. Personal and Impersonal Pronoun – Definition and Examples
  431. Phrasal Verbs- Introduction, Uses, Importance, and FAQs
  432. Phrases Quiz- Definition, Differents and Fact
  433. Pigeon Essay
  434. Plastic Ban Essay
  435. Plastic Pollution Essay
  436. Plural Only Nouns – Definition, Uses, Types, and FAQs
  437. Poetry
  438. Poets And Pancakes Summary
  439. Pollution And Its Effects Essay
  440. Pollution Due to Urbanisation Essay
  441. Pollution Essay
  442. Population Essay
  443. Population Explosion Essay
  444. Poverty Essay
  445. Poverty in India Essay
  446. Preposition Rules In English Grammar
  447. Preposition of Agency or Instrumentality
  448. Preposition of Cause Reason Purpose – Definition, Uses and Functions
  449. Preposition of Place – Rules, Types and FAQs
  450. Preposition – Definition, Example: Kinds of Preposition and Classes of Preposition
  451. Prepositions List – Usage, List, Types and FAQs
  452. Prepositions of Manner – Explanation, Types, Example and FAQs
  453. Present Continuous Tense – The Rules, Structure, and Examples
  454. Present Perfect Continuous Tense – Definition, Structure and Formula
  455. Present Perfect Tense – Structure, Sentences, Rules, and FAQs
  456. Present Tense – Different Types, Rules and Exercise
  457. Prevention Is Better Than Cure Essay
  458. Prevention of Global Warming Essay
  459. Pride and Prejudice – Summary, Analysis and Characters
  460. Pronoun Rules- Types, Examples and Different Pronoun Rules
  461. Pronouns Interrogative – Types and Examples
  462. Proper Noun – Types, Examples, List, Differences with Common Noun
  463. Punctuality Essay
  464. Question Mark
  465. Questions – Structure, Types and Uses
  466. Qutub Minar Essay
  467. Rabbit Essay
  468. Rabindranath Tagore Essay
  469. Radioactive Pollution Speech
  470. Rain on The Roof Summary
  471. Rainy Season Essay
  472. Raksha Bandhan Essay
  473. Rangas Marriage Summary
  474. Rani Lakshmi Bai Essay
  475. Reach For The Top Summary
  476. Reading Is A Good Habit Essay
  477. Recycling Essay
  478. Reflexive Pronouns – Definition, Examples and More
  479. Reported Questions – Direct, Indirect, Introductory Sentences
  480. Reported Speech – Rules, Statements, Questions, Orders and Examples
  481. Reported and Direct Statements – Basic Rule, Examples, Facts
  482. Republic Day Essay
  483. Republic Day Speech
  484. Road Accident Essay
  485. Road Rules Essay
  486. Road Safety Speech
  487. Robinson Crusoe Discovers A Footprint Summary
  488. Role Model Essay
  489. Role of Youth Essay
  490. Role of Youth in Nation Building Essay
  491. Same Sex Marriage Essay | Essay on Same Sex Marriage For Students
  492. Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Essay
  493. Sarojini Naidu Essay
  494. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan Essay
  495. Save Earth Essay
  496. Save Electricity Essay
  497. Save Environment Essay
  498. Save Environment Speech
  499. Save Fuel Essay
  500. Save Fuel for Better Environment Essay
  501. Save Girl Child Essay
  502. Save Girl Child Speech
  503. Save Tiger Essay
  504. Save Trees Essay
  505. Save Water Essay
  506. Save Water Save Earth Essay
  507. Save Water Save Life Essay
  508. Save Water Speech
  509. School Library Essay
  510. Science Essay
  511. Science and Technology Essay
  512. Sequence of Tenses – Meaning, Rules and Solved Examples
  513. Shivaji Maharaj Essay
  514. Should Plastic Be Banned Essay
  515. Should Wizard Hit Mommy Summary
  516. Significance Of Graded Quantifiers In English Grammar
  517. Simple Past Tense – Uses, Types and Examples
  518. Sing a Song of People Summary
  519. Slumber Did My Spirit Seal Summary
  520. Social Networking Sites Essay
  521. Solar System Essay
  522. Sound Pollution Essay
  523. Speech Topics in English
  524. Speech about Life
  525. Speech about Nature
  526. Speech on Advantages and Disadvantages of Hostel Life
  527. Speech on Adventure For Students in English
  528. Speech on Agriculture
  529. Speech on Aim of My Life
  530. Speech on Air Pollution
  531. Speech on Ambedkar Jayanti
  532. Speech on Books
  533. Speech on Child Labour in English for Students
  534. Speech on Child Trafficking
  535. Speech on Clean India in English for Students
  536. Speech on Constitution of India in English for Students
  537. Speech on Corruption for Students in English
  538. Speech on Deforestation
  539. Speech on Democracy Vs Dictatorship
  540. Speech on Depletion of Natural Resources in India
  541. Speech on Disaster Management
  542. Speech on Diwali
  543. Speech on Doctor For Students in English
  544. Speech on Dreams
  545. Speech on Earthquake
  546. Speech on Education
  547. Speech on Election
  548. Speech on Election Commission of India
  549. Speech on Environment in English
  550. Speech on Fashion in English for Students
  551. Speech on Girl Education in English for Students
  552. Speech on Grandparents in English for Students
  553. Speech on Health and Fitness
  554. Speech on Health for Students in English
  555. Speech on Human Rights
  556. Speech on Human Rights Day in English for Students
  557. Speech on Impact of Cinema in Life
  558. Speech on Importance of Family Values
  559. Speech on Importance of Trees in Our Lives
  560. Speech on India
  561. Speech on Indian Army
  562. Speech on Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
  563. Speech on Junk Food
  564. Speech on Kindness
  565. Speech on Laughter is the Medicine
  566. Speech on Leadership
  567. Speech on Life After School in English For Students
  568. Speech on Life for Students in English
  569. Speech on Life in a Big City
  570. Speech on Life in an Indian Village
  571. Speech on Mahatma Gandhi
  572. Speech on Money in English for Students
  573. Speech on Music
  574. Speech on My Mother
  575. Speech on My School Life
  576. Speech on National Constitution Day for Students in English
  577. Speech on National Flag
  578. Speech on Natural Resources
  579. Speech on Organ Donation
  580. Speech on Patriotism for Students in English
  581. Speech on Plastic Pollution
  582. Speech on Pollution
  583. Speech on Rainwater Harvesting in English For Students
  584. Speech on Respect
  585. Speech on Road Rage
  586. Speech on Road Safety
  587. Speech on Role of Judiciary in the Country Today
  588. Speech on Save Environment
  589. Speech on Save Trees and Save Planet Earth
  590. Speech on Self Discipline and It’s Importance
  591. Speech on Soldiers
  592. Speech on Sports For Students in English
  593. Speech on Sports and Games
  594. Speech on Success
  595. Speech on Swami Vivekananda
  596. Speech on Teachers Day Celebration
  597. Speech on Technology
  598. Speech on Thank You for Parents
  599. Speech on Time
  600. Speech on Unity in Diversity in English
  601. Speech on Unity is Strength
  602. Speech on Urbanization in English For Students
  603. Speech on Value of Discipline in Student Life in English
  604. Speech on Value of Time
  605. Speech on Vocational Education is the Need of the Hour
  606. Speech on Water
  607. Speech on Water Pollution
  608. Speech on World Health Day in English For Students
  609. Speech on World Heritage Day
  610. Speech on Youth
  611. Speech on a Journey By Train
  612. Speech on if I were the Prime Minister of India
  613. Speech on the Education System in India in English for Students
  614. Speech on the Internet
  615. Speech on the Pen is Mightier Than the Sword for Students in English
  616. Sports and Games Essay
  617. Spring Essay
  618. Spring Season Essay
  619. Status of Women in India Essay
  620. Stitch in Time Saves Nine Essay
  621. Story Writing
  622. Story of Ant and Grasshopper – Summary, Moral and FAQs
  623. Story of Hare and Tortoise – Summary, Background and History
  624. Structure Of Should – Forms, Uses, Examples and FAQ\’s
  625. Subhash Chandra Bose Essay
  626. Subject Verb Concord – Introduction, Rules and FAQs
  627. Subject and Predicate – A Guide to Sentence Formation
  628. Subordinating Conjunctions
  629. Success Essay
  630. Summarize the Ant and the Grasshopper
  631. Summarizing
  632. Summary
  633. Summary Of The Tale Of Melon City
  634. Summary of Bringing Up Kari
  635. Summary of Ice Cream Man
  636. Summary of Letter
  637. Summary of On Killing A Tree
  638. Summary of Silk Road
  639. Summary of Snake
  640. Summary of The Story of Cricket
  641. Summary of Wind
  642. Summary of a Photograph Poem
  643. Summary of the Ball Poem for Class 10 in English
  644. Summer Season Essay
  645. Summer Vacation Essay
  646. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Essay
  647. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Speech in English
  648. Synonyms and Antonyms – Meaning, Points to Remember, Exercise for Practice and FAQs
  649. Taj Mahal Essay
  650. Teacher Essay
  651. Teacher\’s Day Essay
  652. Teachers Day Speech
  653. Teamwork Essay
  654. Technology Essay
  655. Television Essay
  656. Tennis Essay
  657. Tense And Time- Definition, Types, FAQ\’s
  658. Tenses
  659. Terrorism Essay
  660. Terrorism Speech
  661. Thank You Speech
  662. Thank You Speech For Farewell
  663. Thank You Speech For Teachers
  664. Thank You Speech for Award
  665. Thank You Speech for Birthday
  666. Thank You Speech for Friends
  667. Thank You Speech for an Event in English
  668. The Adventure Summary
  669. The Ailing Planet The Green Movements Role Summary
  670. The Ball Poem Summary
  671. The Bear Story Summary
  672. The Best Christmas Present In The World Summary
  673. The Bond of Love Summary
  674. The Browning Version Summary
  675. The Dear Departed Summary
  676. The Desert Summary
  677. The Determiners Quantifiers: Each And Every– Overview and Features
  678. The Duck And The Kangaroo Summary
  679. The Enemy
  680. The Frog And The Nightingale Summary
  681. The Fun They Had Summary
  682. The Ghat of the Only World Summary
  683. The Hack Driver Summary
  684. The Hundred Dresses Part 1 Summary
  685. The Hundred Dresses Part 2 Summary
  686. The Importance of Tenses – Significance, Kinds and Important Facts
  687. The Interview Summary
  688. The Journey To The End of The Earth Summary
  689. The Laburnum Top Summary
  690. The Last Lesson Summary
  691. The Lazy Frog Summary
  692. The Little Girl Summary
  693. The Making of a Scientist
  694. The Midnight Visitor Summary
  695. The Necklace Summary
  696. The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword Essay
  697. The Portrait of A Lady Summary
  698. The Proposal Summary
  699. The Rattrap Summary
  700. The Rime of The Ancient Mariner Summary
  701. The Sermon At Benares Summary
  702. The Snake And The Mirror Summary
  703. The Snake Trying Summary
  704. The Sound of Music Summary
  705. The Summer of The Beautiful White Horse Summary
  706. The Summit Within Summary
  707. The Tale of The Custard Dragon Summary
  708. The Thief Story Summary
  709. The Tiny Teacher Summary
  710. The Trees Summary
  711. The Voice of The Rain Summary
  712. The naming word in English Grammar – Noun
  713. Third Level Summary
  714. Tiger Essay
  715. Time Essay
  716. Time and Tide Waits for None Essay
  717. Time is Money Essay
  718. Traffic Jam Essay
  719. Train Journey Essay
  720. Travel and Tourism Speech for Students in English
  721. Tree Essay
  722. Tree Plantation Essay
  723. Trees are Our Best Friend Essay
  724. Triple Talaq Essay
  725. Tryst with Destiny Speech
  726. Two Stories About Flying Summary
  727. Type Imperative: A Guide To An Imperative Sentence
  728. Types of Clauses in English
  729. Types of Conjunction in English
  730. Types of Declarative Sentence – Functions and Examples
  731. Types of Phrases
  732. Types of Sentences
  733. Unemployment Essay
  734. Unemployment Speech for Students in English
  735. United We Stand Divided We Fall Essay
  736. Unity in Diversity Essay
  737. Unity is Strength Essay
  738. Use of Conjunctions – Definition, Types and Solved Examples
  739. Used To Do – Uses of the Verb, Structure, Rules, FAQ\’s
  740. Uses of Possessives – Categories, Types, Rules, and FAQs
  741. Uses of Tenses – Introduction, Different Aspects and Solved Examples
  742. Value of Time Essay
  743. Verb Grammar – Definition, Tenses, Forms, Types and Examples
  744. Verb Questions & Answers for Kids | Grammar Verb Exercise
  745. Verb Quiz- Modal Verbs Quiz and Interesting Fact
  746. Verb Tenses Past Quiz – Definition, Tenses, Types and Examples
  747. Verbs – Explanation, Languages, Identifies, and FAQs
  748. Verbs Conditional – Definition, Types, Condition, Conclusion and FAQS
  749. Volleyball Essay
  750. Vote of Thanks Speech
  751. Waste Management Speech
  752. Water Pollution Essay
  753. Water Scarcity Essay
  754. Wedding Anniversary Speech
  755. Wedding Anniversary Speech For Wife
  756. Wedding Anniversary Speech for Parents
  757. Welcome Speech For Conference For Students in English
  758. Welcome Speech for Alumni Meet
  759. Welcome Speech for Basketball Tournament
  760. Welcome Speech for Business Conference
  761. Welcome Speech for Chief Guest
  762. Welcome Speech for College Function
  763. Welcome Speech for Corporate Event in English
  764. Welcome Speech for Dance Performance
  765. Welcome Speech for Farewell
  766. Welcome Speech for Independence Day
  767. Welcome Speech for Republic Day
  768. Welcome Speech for Sports Day by Principal in English
  769. Welcome Speech for a Birthday Party
  770. Welcome Speech for an Event
  771. What is a Sentence – Definition, Types, and FAQs
  772. Where There is a Will There is a Way Essay
  773. Who Will Be Ningthou Summary
  774. Winter Season Essay
  775. Winter Vacation Essay
  776. Women Education in India Essay
  777. Women Empowerment Essay
  778. Women Empowerment Speech
  779. Women’s Safety in India Essay
  780. Work Is Worship Essay
  781. World Environment Day Essay
  782. Would – Quiz, Definition, Usage and Examples
  783. Would- The Modal Verb, Describe, Types, Structure, Uses and FAQs
  784. Yoga Essay
  785. Yoga Speech
  786. Zero Conditional- Explanations, Examples, FAQ\’s
  787. Zoo Essay
  788. Uses of Tense
  789. Subject – Verb Concord
  790. Sequence of Tenses
  791. Present Tense
  792. Prepositions of Possession
  793. Past Tense and Its Types
  794. Kinds of Preposition
  795. Idioms and Phrases
  796. Formation of Adjectives
  797. Exclamation Mark
  798. Adverbs
  799. Active and Passive Voice
  800. Introduction To Punctuation
  801. Personal and Impersonal Pronoun
  802. Indefinite Articles
  803. Parts of Speech
  804. Definite Article
  805. Apostrophe
  806. Preposition of Cause Reason Purpose
  807. Adjectives
  808. Auxiliaries and Modal Verbs
  809. Clauses
  810. Conjunction
  811. Homonyms
  812. Idioms and Phrases
  813. Introduction to Conjunctions
  814. Introduction to Preposition
  815. Kinds of Adjectives
  816. Kinds of Adverbs
  817. Paired or Correlative And Compound Conjunctions
  818. Preposition
  819. Preposition of Time
  820. Prepositions of Manner
  821. Reported speech
  822. Types of Sentences
  823. Inverted Commas Quotation Marks
  824. Words
  825. Types of Conjunction
  826. Types of Clauses
  827. Order of Words in a Sentence
  828. Letter Writing
  829. Quotation Marks
  830. Omission of Article
  831. Informal Letter
  832. Story Characters
  833. Writing

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